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 Business, finances
 Computers, communications
 Construction, decoration, repair
 Education, art, religion
 Equipment, technique
 Leisure, entertainment
 Manufactured goods
 Mass-media, Advertising
 Medicine, health
 Aerotechnics: repair and maintenance
 Aircraft: authorities
 Appraisers and experts
 Audio and video - for sale
 Audio and video - studio
 Audio and Video media
 Audio-Video, implementation
 Automated systems
 Aviation industry
 Badges Badges
 Betting Services
 Black Metal - Delivery
 Blasting and substance
 Blasting, drilling and equipment
 Bread hlibprodukty
 Bread-baking plants, bread combines
 Breakdown services
 Cash registers
 Charity - foundations, organizations
 Chemicals and materials
 Child`s commodities
 Cleaning up of apartments
 Clothes: tailoring, repairs
 Coal - sales, equipment
 Coffee, tea
 Conference rooms, rent
 Consumer goods
 Copying technique
 Copyings works
 Courier`s service
 Crispy products
 Crystal, sale
 Curtains, draperies, cornices
 Custom services
 Delivery a meal
 Department stores
 Design - services, development
 development sites
 Dezinfektsiya, dezinsektsiya, deratizatsiya
 Diving job
 Domestic chemistry
 Domestic technique
 Drinking Water - purification and bottling
 Drinking water purification equipment
 Dry closets
 Economic commodities
 Economic security
 Emigration and immigration services
 Exhibitions Organization
 Expert estimation
 Facilities of defence of plants
 Fast fudy
 Fire extinguishers
 Fire protection equipment
 Fish and fish products
 Fishings and huntings commodities
 Flour, cereals - production, sales
 Food Base
 Food retail industry
 Food seasonings, spices
 Food stuffs
 Foodstuffs - wholesale
 Frames, frames: manufacturing, sales
 Frozen Products
 Furnitures of the special setting
 Furnitures, equipments and materials, are for making
 Garments: the production, sale
 Gas - storage, processing, sales
 Gems - Sales
 General stores
 Grain: storing, buying, selling
 Granite products
 Graphite Products
 Gurtovni of food stuffs, supermarkets
 Health and Safety
 Household chemistry
 Household refrigerators: sales, repairs
 Household waste, waste - removal and recycling
 Housing communal economy
 Hunting and Fishing
 Industrial Waste - removal, recycling, processing
 Jeweller wares
 Kamen - art processing
 Landscape Design
 Lost and found
 Mackle: reception and processing of items
 Marketings services
 Measuring instruments
 Metrologiya and standardization
 Military clothing, footwear
 Mineral waters, production, sales
 Mobile telephones, accessories
 Models - Agencies
 Monuments, tombstones
 Mushrooms - growing, sale
 Musical instruments
 Nanny, household worker
 Office commodities
 office design, project
 Office equipment
 Office furnitures
 Offices and dating services
 Ornamental and decorative items
 Packaging materials: manufacture, sale
 Packing, container
 Personal protection
 Personal Services
 Petrol, Diesel
 Pets - Care services
 Photo and kinotovary: manufacture, sale, stores
 Photo of equipment
 Porcelain, earthenware, crystal
 Printing materials, services
 Procurement - consulting, training
 Production of printing pays
 Products for catalog mail
 Professional Association
 Protective services
 Public Relations - Services
 Radiation control
 Radioactive Waste - removal, disposal, recycling
 Repair of apartments and offices
 Repair of audio-, video
 Repair of clock
 Repair of domestic technique
 Repair of furnitures
 Repair of haberdashery
 Repair of instrument and industrial equipment
 Repair of office equipment
 Repair of shoe
 Repair of telephones
 Retail Trade
 Sacral services
 Safe door
 Safety Information
 Satellite television
 Scrap - buying, selling
 Seals and stamps
 Second of hands
 Security services
 Services are in the care of children
 Services of delivery
 Sewing and repair of clothes
 Shoe, additions
 Shopping Outlets
 Shops are food
 Shops Building
 Shops commission
 Shops of bakery wares
 Shops of shoe
 Shops: all for pets
 Skin wares
 Social Security
 Soft drinks
 Specialized equipment for disabled
 Sporting goods stores
 Sports kit
 Staff, Staff
 Standardization and metrlohoiya
 Subscription services
 Television Equipment
 To drain air
 Tobacco wares
 Trade perfume
 Trading houses, centers
 TV antenna
 Veterinary preparations
 Veterinary science
 Washing clothes
 Water is drinkable, delivery
 Water Purification
 Water supply - equipment
 Water, juices - Stores
 Wedding dress
 Wholesale Trade, Retail
 Window shades
 СD, audio-, video cassettes
 Production, agriculture
 Public institutions
 Real estate
 Sport, tourism
 Transport, transportation
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Обладнання розподільчих мереж; Комутація і захист; Елементи управління і сигналізації; Клемна техніка; Автоматика і КВП; Давачі та перетворювачі; Промисловий електропривод; Промислові контрол...
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logoSV Altera-Lviv
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